The American Business Association

Do you want to enhance your business, enrich your everyday life, or fortify your health and well-being? The American Business Association helps you achieve your dreams with unmatched discounts and invaluable services and resources.

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To The American Business Association!

ABA strives to provide a wide range of discounts, services, education and resources that are not normally available to the modern American worker. The benefits and privileges of ABA Membership are specially selected to meet the unique needs of our Members. We continuously seek out new benefits that we believe will improve your everyday life.
Our Values

Our mission is to provide benefits that will contribute to a richer, more fulfilling life for every ABA Member.



The benefits and privileges of ABA Membership are specially selected to meet the unique needs of our Members.


Customer Service

Our team will help fill gaps in the product, offering, or service by being the most helpful and trustworthy guide for our members.



ABA practices and encourages open and honest communication with all members.

Member Benefits

Giving The Best Savings For You And Your Business


Health Savings

For Members who are concerned about their health, American Business Association delivers a wide variety of medical, fitness and therapeutic resources to help every Member look and feel their best.


Business Savings

For Members who are entrepreneurs and small business owners, American Business Association offers important business benefits and resources to help get the job done on time and under budget.


Consumer Savings

For Members who are cost-conscious consumers, American Business Association provides money-saving discounts on everyday items to help make any household budget go further.


Travel Savings

Great discounts on travel, it's time you finally take that trip. With your exclusive American Business Association membership, you can save on hotels, trips and more!

How We Give Back


We believe in social responsibility, and we want to give back to our members and community.


American Business Association awards scholarships of $500 each to students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in a wellness related field.


American Business Association is committed to helping qualified not-for-profit organizations whose mission is related to helping others.

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